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I am an experienced finance and operations executive and I offer personalized advice on fundraising, financial planning, and operational efficiency. 

Operational Efficiency & Metrics Development

 With my expertise, I can help you identify opportunities to streamline your operations, understand the key metrics for success in your industry, and use technology to track and analyze those metrics. My goal is to instill a culture of continuous improvement at your company, ensuring that your operations remain agile and efficient.

Financing Planning

My consulting services offer comprehensive financial planning services to help your business succeed. With over a decade of experience leading financial planning efforts across multiple industries, I can help you develop tools to forecast business scenarios and track performance. My approach will help us discover key business insights that will guide critical decisions for your company.

Capital Markets Advisory

As your capital markets advisor, I offer comprehensive services to help you navigate the complexities of the capital markets and unlock the right opportunities for your business. With over $100 billion in transaction experience, I have the expertise to help with fundraising for early stage VC backed companies as well as elite publicly traded companies. 

Industry Experience

I have a wealth of experience across a wide array of industries!

Renewable Energy


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